The OneMax Problem


      The OneMax Problem [SE91] (or BitCounting) is a simple problem consisting in maximizing the number of ones of a bitstring.

     Formally, this problem can be described as finding a string , with , that maximizes the following equation:

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Instances and best known solutions for those instances:

      In order to define an instance of this problem only is needed to define the length of the bitstring (N). For a given N, the optimum solution of the problem is a string with N ones, i.e., all bits of the string are set to one.

Related Papers:

[SE91] J.D. Schaffer and L.J. Eshelman. "On crossover as an evolutionary viable strategy". In R.K. Belew and L.B. Booker, editors. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Genetic Algorithms, pages 61-68, Morgan Kaufmann, 1991.

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