The Frequency Modulation Sounds Problem


      The Parameter Identification Problem of Frequency Modulation Sounds (FMS) [TF93,TFG97] consists in determining the 6 parameters of FM Sound model represented by

with . The function is defined as the summation of square errors between the evolved data and the model data, as follows:


The model data are given by the following equation:


Each parameter is in the rage -6.4 to 6.35. This is a highly complex multimodal function having strong epistasis. Click here to get this description in tex format and here to get the figure in eps format.


Instances and best known solutions for those instances:

      Instances of this problem have a fixed number of genes, one for each parameter . Different instances can be defined by changing the model data, . For a given model data, the optimun solution of the problem is , i.e., no error exists between the model data and the parameter values obtained by the algorithm.

Related Papers:

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