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Málaga city


  1. El Pimpi
  2. La Antigua Casa del Guardia
  3. Las Garrafas


  1. Eguzki
  2. La Campana
  3. La Casa del Piyayo
  4. El Clandestino
  5. Como Loco
  6. Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla

 El Pimpi

This famous winery is one of the must visit places in Málaga.Located in the heart of the city, you can order any typical spanish tapa along with a glass of sweet wine (vino dulce, speciality of the house). Notice the celebritie's signatures of the barrels.

The "Pimpi" has two entrances, one in Alcazabilla street and the second one in Granada street.

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 La Antigua Casa del Guardia

One of the oldests winerys of Málaga, the "Caseta del Guardia" is located in the Alameda Principal. If you want to have a taste of typical spanish wines, accompanied with seafood, this is the right place to go.

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 Las Garrafas

Another winery with a great variety of spanish tapas and good wines. A nice place for eating and drinking.

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 La Casa del Piyayo

This restaurant is specialized in fish and seafood. A good place to taste Malaga's most typical dish: the pescaíto frito (boquerones, espetos de sardinas...).

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 La Campana

Typical spanish restaurant. Good wine and spanish meat.

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Restaurant of basque cuisine, the Eguzki is a fine place to eat some tapas.

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Como Loco

This restaurant is specialized in salads and pittas (arab sandwiches). There are more than 20 different salads to chose from, with all kinds of ingredients (lettuce, chicken, cheese, pinapple...).

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One of the best known tapas bars in Málaga. It offers a great variety of tapas.

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Vegetariano de la Alcazabilla

If you want to try something different, this vegetarian restaurant is a good option. Good variety and a fine location in the center of the city.

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