In this site, we arrange the necessary software to carry out tests of the system. Downloading and installing the available software below, we can configure the system so that it works in our machine (LOCAL mode), or distributed in a network (LAN/WAN mode). Also we can download the Client program and work connecting to the servers ready in our department, which IP address we facilitated in the configuration files down.

    You can obtain more information about this reading the user manual.

   Available Software. 
  Name   Description   Download
  ROS_Client  Client. Graphic interface for users  
  ROS_PServer  Primary Server. Provide information about the system to the user  
  ROS_Server  Server. Distribution server of information flow  
  ROS_Worker  Worker server. Work with the algorithms  
   Each machine of the system has a configuration file which indicates the address of the other machines with it can connect. In order to modify or increase the system, it is necessary to add or remove the entries in these configuration files. It will be able to download the updates of the configuration files in the following links: